If you would like to reserve your FREE copy of the Consecration Preparation book, please
    complete by January 24, 2018. Your free Preparation Booklet will be mailed to you at the
    address you provide below (mailing address must be within the Catholic Diocese of Austin,
    Texas, USA).  

    One copy per person, please. If you have received a book through this website in the past,
    we respectfully ask that you please locate it and use the one previously received for this
    year's consecration.

Si quire reservar su copia GRATIS del libro de preparación, por favor completar  
antes del 24 de enero del 2018.  Su copia gratis del libro de preparación será
reservada (debe estar en la Diócesis Catolica de Austin
, Texas, USA).

    It is NOT necessary to register here to begin the 33-Day preparation.  Preparation Booklets
    are available on several websites and can be purchased at local Catholic bookstores.
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An e-mail will be sent to you approximately 3-to-5 times a month with
updates about the Consecration and related events in our Diocese (ex.
Consecration Mass locations/times updates, Marian Mornings, Marian
Talks in our Diocese by Priests, etc.).  If you do not want to receive e-mail
updates, you will have the option to opt-out when you receive an e-mail.
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