• Born on January 31, 1673 in France.  Ordained Priest in June 1700.  Died
    April 28, 1716.  Beatified in 1888.  Declared a Saint in 1947 by Pope Pius
  • Had special devotion to the mystery of the Incarnation and on the place of
    the Blessed Virgin Mary in God's Plan of Salvation.
  • Had special love for the poor and to “preach missions to the poor”,
    especially by teaching the renewal of the Baptismal Vows, processions, and
    lively sermons.  He was given the title “Apostolic Missionary” by Pope
    Clement XI.
  • Credited for the resistance to the anti-religious and anti-Catholic tendencies
    of the French Revolution in the late 1700’s of the people of the regions in
    France where he preached, because the people’s faith was strengthened by
    his preaching.
  • Established the Company of Mary, Daughters of Wisdom, Brothers of Saint
    Gabriel, and free schools for the poor boys and girls of La Rochelle, France.
  • Wrote The Love of Eternal Wisdom, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
    (which contains the 33-day preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus
    through Mary), The Secret of Mary, A Letter to the Friends of the Cross,
    The Secret of the Rosary, and Methods of Reciting the Rosary.
Texas To Jesus Through Mary
Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort