We would like to acknowldege and thank...
We are infinitely grateful to God, Our Blessed
Mother, and Saint Joseph.

We would also like to thank Pat and John from the
Chicago area who have inspired this wonderful effort in
the Austin area. Since the early 1990's, Pat and John
have organized in the Chicago area a Diocesan-wide
preparation for Total Consecration To Jesus Through
Mary according to Saint Louis Marie Grignion de
Montfort.  They have graciously provided much
information, guidance, and inspiration for us in Austin.

We would like to thank all the
Diocesan and Parish
Priests, Staff, and Volunteers
who have helped
throughout this Consecration effort.  Thank you for your
help, support, leadership, and encouragement. We would
especially like to thank Bishop Joe Vasquez and Bishop
Daniel Garcia for their continued prayers and leadership.

We would also like to thank various ministries throughout
the Austin Diocese, especially the
Legion of Mary, who
help distribute information about this consecration and
help in organizing Masses on the day of Total

We are very grateful to the
Montfort Missionaries,
especially for promoting Saint Louis de Montfort's
preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Through

We are also thankful for
Relevant Radio, Armor of God
Catholic Radio, and the Catholic Spirit for advertising this

We would also like to thank all those who helped translate
the information into Spanish.